Thursday, February 23, 2012

One more for tonight

Well Kaylee is awake, surprise surprise.

The respiratory therapist that came by yesterday was able to give me a little bit of insight to her oxygen needs. He was telling me how when a person's oxygen stays too low (usually 85% saturation or less) for a prolonged period, brain damage will likely occur. Seeing as Kaylee's nighttime oxygen level drops and stays really low while on room air, she wakes up frequently. Normally, this would be frustrating to me, but he reassured me that it is her body doing what it needs naturally for her to stay safe.

When she is awake, her oxygen levels are fairly normal, so after staying too low for a while in her sleep, her body forces her awake so the blood can get flowing better again. Pretty cool how that works.

From now on, when people ask me if she is sleeping through the night, I can finally say no...and be satisfied with the answer. God created her amazing little body to do exactly what it needs!

Don't get me wrong, it's very tiring, but obviously worth it. It is still very hard not knowing what is wrong with my beautiful baby girl, but it looks like the pneumonia/RSV was a blessing in disguise because we may have never known there was something wrong, and likely has been this way since birth. There will probably be a lot more doctor's appointments, tests and more tests, in the near future, but I am determined to figure out what is causing this.

Meanwhile...waiting for her to get back to sleep, I find myself searching through youtube videos- it keeps me occupied. It looks like she is slowly nodding off again, so I will leave you with this video, it is really great to watch, this guy has knowledge beyond his years.

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