Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's official, I'm going back to school.

After much consideration, lots of phone calls, emails and complaints, I am finally enrolled in school again to finish my teaching degree.

When Dan and I bought a house right before his deployment in 2010, I emailed my academic counselor to let him know that I needed a late start in my next class because I was going to be making a move across town, mostly by myself and with two kids since Dan was leaving right after we closed on our home. He reassured me everything would be fine and if I needed extra time, just to let him know. The only stipulation was that I could not be out longer than 30 days or I would lose my financial aid- fair enough.

When the first week was drawing to an end, I realized I wasn't even close to being finished with the moving, so I emailed him again and let him know I needed a couple more weeks before I could return. Then I shut off the internet so that it could be transferred. Two weeks passed and I was finally all set up at the house. I hopped online to check out my syllabus and lo and behold, I was not enrolled in a class. I WAS enrolled about a week prior, but my classes had both been dropped for not meeting attendance requirements. My counselor had either never read the email or forgot to transfer me to a later start date. For whatever reason, I was still enrolled and "didn't attend" thus causing me to lose all of my financial and in turn, owe the school $865.

For weeks on end, I called and emailed to get it straightened out since it was definitely not my fault and I had the receipt of the email I sent the counselor...but I never got a return call or email. After a few weeks, things became hectic with the deployment and I guess I forgot.

Over the past two years I have tried a few more times to get through to someone- always got the "he'll call you back" but never actually got a call.

With everything happening with Dan, I figured I have another shot, it's basically now or never. I choose now. At least it is one thing I have control over.

The only problem was that there was no possible way I could afford to pay off $865 to the school and then try to qualify for financial aid with that blemish on my school I turned to the BBB. Everyone told me I wouldn't get anywhere going through them but seeing as the staff had never once tried calling me back, I figured it was my last resort.

A couple of days ago, I finally got a call! She said they had received my complaint through the BBB and were working to resolve the issues for me and would call back soon :)

This time someone did call, they said they read through my complaint, verified that I had tried to take a short leave of absence so that it wasn't my fault and they were able to reinstate financial aid and credit my account back- even after two years!

I'll be starting again in early March, still trying to get the dates figured out and I'm a little bit excited. The old Dan would have been proud. He always encouraged me to do things for myself, but I never did.

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  1. That’s really disappointing! It’s kinda weird that they didn’t acknowledge your notice, then went ahead and gave you a penalty for not meeting the requirement. So, how did it go? Did they consider your appeal?

    Mike Latone